Migrating My Blog From Gatsby

By Maxi |

I'm migrating from Gatsby.


I was going to change the way the blog look and in the process I realise I had a lot of outdated dependencies. I didn't want to deal with that now. In the process of coming out with reasons why it's a good idea to get out of gatsby are:

  • Gatsby is not actually growing much.
  • It's slow.
  • This is just a blog.
  • I rarely use Javascript.
  • I don't need 1000s of dependencies.

Why now?

I'm in a state of mind that I have the energy to migrate this blog to a new "stack". Also, It's fun and that's why I spend my time on this! I can add urgency to things that I feel are worth doing.

Fun is always worth doing.


Ok, maybe that is really really fun was a stretch. Do you wanna know what's coming?

Stay tune...

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