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By Maxi |

A recently read an article about ....Tailwind? Racism? Toxicity? I'd say Biases and what it was interesting was not only the article itself but the discussion in the comments section. Holy macaroni! The comments were so interesting. What I founded interesting was not only how everything unfolded but also how the discussion turned into an intellectual battle where people tried to come up with un-biased arguments in a, in my opinion, biased article.

Talking about biases is probably biased

It is very hard for me to make good use of a foreign language and communicate the correct things. Let alone trying to do the same with a high level of conciousness about the biases that might be driving the conversation. I'm not "entitled" to talk about biases. I'm extremely biased and I wouldn't say I'm constantly fighting against it. Because it's easier to indentify biases on other people I try to listen carefully and then ask myself if I'm also biased in the same way the person I'm listening to is and most of the time... I am.

I wouldn't dare writing an article about biases because I don't know much about it. I'm slowly learning and forming my opinion about the subject but with the amount of information I have right now I'm not comfortable saying much more.

It's hard to unlearn

When speaking and writing something I know I use all of my mental power. My very limited power. I have "cached" things that I constantly use uncounciously and once I believed were the truth. I don't really re-think that much about them unless I actively seek for that reflexion moment.

It's hard to un-learn things that I learnt and drive myself daily. At some point I just stopped thinking about them and they happen automatically. That is very useful when you want that to happen but it's also very inconvenient if you want to get rid of those mental models that were created without even yourself being concious about.

Low profile vs high profile

The advantage of having a low profile blog is that the impact of my words affect only so much. The disadvatange is the same. I have quite some room for error because while I am making all of this public. I'm very confident, as today, that this is not gonna blow in my face or it is going to become "THE THING" people will be talking.

How does this relate to biases?

I'm doing two things at the same time here. Talking about something I don't know much about and also expressing the fact that I can say things without the social pressure some people might have because of how well know they are. So, biases it's something I'm still learning and it's a sensitive subject I would like to inform myself more about.


Biases are a really hard topic to talk about and many articles I read had some heated discussions. I always think about what this blog could be without enjoying what it is right now. Having a low profile blog helps me because I can be slightly more reckless about what I say. The more impact I have with my words, the more I will evaluate what I say.

Thinking in public is a little less scary if the room is empty :D


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