I Suck at Writing

By Maxi |

Simple as that. I really suck at writing... It's hard to put in words a chaotic brain. I constantly try to organise my thoughts and that process drains all my energy.

Organising my thoughts is already a heavy enough process that typing something that resembles a concrete opinion is almost impossible.

I don't want sympathy. I don't want people to say "you don't suck" or to make people think I feel bad. I don't feel bad at all. Of course, saying (or writing) you suck has some negative connotation and I am aware of that. The only reason I use "I suck" is because I need a strong word to activate my lazy brain.

This is more of a public message to future Maxi than anything else. There are some things that need to change. Many times I think I should write interesting things... Things that are nowhere to be found because I had something to say that nobody else would.

The chances of that happening are very low. The main reason why I have a blog is to share what I know, what I think and what I am. It's hard to keep this blog impersonal.

The main goal to have a blog, for me, today, is to write. In the process I can maybe write useful stuff but that doesn't come easy and I am not sure I want to change the goal of my blog.

Let's leave it at this... I accept I suck at writing, I just want to improve. One way to actively improve is to lower my bar (already quite low xD) for blog posts. I accept the tradeoffs that comes with it.

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