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By Maxi |

ikonate - version: 1.0.0

What are you?

Ikonate is an icon library (an alternative to fontawesome ), which focused on customization, flexibility and performance in mind.

It also claims that accesibility was one of the main drivers but then they are really transparent on how much "accessible" this are.

They key part of this library can be appreciated when you go to the demo website in which you can choose the size, style, color and the icons you want to export.

How does it work?

Out of the box ikonate have a very easy-to-follow guide to build the icon library with the ones that you need and in multiple output formats.

So far they provide the most popular formats such as inline svgs, svg sprites and standalone files for designers.

After you build your own selection of icons you can decide how to use it which is well described in the README file.

Now quickreview!

The selection of icons is sufficient. With more than 200 icons with a very minimalistic approach you can start adding a nice selection of this icon to your project with no rush.

In an icon library most of the things that are worth reviewing are out of my current expertise (svg composition) so I will focus on the project structure/ dependencies/ documentation.

Diving a little bit deeper

Project structure is incredible simple and enough for what it does. The library is fairly new and growing in popularity so its fresh to start trying out on "pet" projects.

The initial commmit was done on 2017 but now its getting the main traction of its lifecycle.

The dependencies of the project are used for the build scripts.

Since the scripts are one of the only things that can be broken on further iterations it would be nice to have some tests around it.

The code is not that complex just yet and it seems its not going to grow that much so I kind of understand the decition of the author on avoid adding tests for this.


It is nice to have multiple alternatives to the most popular icon library because this are the small things that would make your site look different. I have to admit before closing this article that a few icons are extremely close to how FontAwesome look but that is ok... Extremely close is still different and that we can tell, consciously or unconsciously.

Scores (higher is better)

  • Usefulness: 8/10.
  • Code quality: 7/10.
  • Documentation: 9/10.
  • Browser support: 10/10.
  • Potential: 9/10.

_Overall: 8,4/10

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