Lets review: Mastering Modular Javascript - Conclusion

By Maxi |

After 16 mini chapters of Mastering modular Javascript, I've written more than than a 1000 words about the topics in the book and also my thought process while analyzing it. I can assure you that in the journey I've changed how I approached every article.

At the beginning I was trying to make sense the different subjects on the book and how is one chapter connected to the next one. Then I realized the book was written In a way that was not very structured and more of sort of a brainstorming where you see a few things from the perspective of modularity. With this, I'm saying the book is certainly trying to change or maybe add a new angle on which we can look at our architectural approach of a system.

It took me more than 2 month to finish this review, it was worth it. I'd recommend you to read the book and your own pace. Explore modularity as a subject and not as and end to your daily job.

to me,

Modularity, is one stronger tool, a dangerous one.

At my eyes is a double edge sword. Applyed to an extreme it can be really bad. Until the next review...

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