A Rough Start

By Maxi |

Building a blog is easy? Maybe if you know nothing about programming you can even use a blogging platorm such as Wordpress, blogspot, etc. The chances are that you will pretty much be done in a couple of minutes with a much more than enough tool to accomplish your goal and start focusing on the content. The problem of being a Software developer is that we tend to overengineer most of the simple tasks we tackle just because we have the ability to. Sometimes more often that we think about.

Now I'm being guilty of this same thought.I want to build a blog and instead of going for a straight forward solution, I decided to dive into the redicoulus task of reinventing the wheel, and also try a new technology while doing this. Let me start again, building a blog is easy.

Building a good, sublime, top notch quality content blog is hard. It's extremely hard.

If focusing in the content was what we were talking about, let's also add the fact that I want to have control of the platform. Well, I think the subject got out of hands pretty easily.

Currently I'm basically coding the content, this is shitty, unscalable and awful. I will investigate a little bit on how to pull content from markdown and try to build a little more of a scalable architecture (again, overengineering??). Will see.

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